The Great Idaho Potato Marathon, Part 2

Last post was a bit of a tease, what with the title being completely inaccurate. But this time we'll bring you a real race update and a few photos to boot. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get any action shots this year, but we had a really nice day!

Autumn and Jennifer have been training for the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon. I think that the title actually states "marathon", but these gals were training for the half, so that's what we'll call it! They drove over Friday afternoon so that they could stay in Boise the night before the race. That would make race day a little more relaxing. Kal and I flew over with the kids the morning of the race and met them at the finish line. I was hoping to see them run, but we were running a little behind and I second guessed when they would finish, so we missed them until they crossed the line. 13.1 miles is a long way to run, so it's a great accomplishment to finish the race! Way to go girls!

Here's Trinity with her mommy at the finish!

Happy (and tired) runners! This was Autumns third race of 13.1 miles or more, but it was Jen's first. Way to go Jen!

Official time keeper? I can't recall the last time I saw a race official with a pacifier...

The race ended at Ann Morrison Park in Boise. It had a great playground that we took the kids to afterward for a little playing. Here's Ava helping Kal keep his balance.

Trinity and I working on the toadstools. Why did someone let me out of the house with socks on?

Even after 13.1 miles, Autumn still has the energy to help Trinity on the rocking horse...

She even gave a demonstration!

This is a cute photo of the Kelley family, even if Ava isn't cooperating...

We went to a barbecue after the race and then stopped by my dad's house on the way home. Dad and Sue see Trinity a little bit every week when we go over for therapy, but they don't see Teagan that much. Trinity flew home with the Kelleys, so we stopped by dad's so they could visit with the big man. Here's a nice shot of mommy and son. Naked babies are so cute!

Teagan is a little less smiley when he's tired, but a little tickling from Opa brings out the giggles!


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