Therapy Notes

Blogging can be therapy. So can having embarrassing photos of you published on the web. Of course, it can also couse one to need therapy. Fortunately I have never put photos on here that were THAT bad. But we have some fun ones today!

When we take Trinity to therapy in Boise on Wednesdays, we stay at my dad's the night before. Then, right before we leave, Trinity gets to wake Sue up. I think that it makes Trinity's day! Side note: Sue, in case you were wondering how I got this photo, I took your camera out of your purse Saturday when you weren't looking. Then I put all the photos on our computer. Then I slipped the camera back into your purse. That's my confession. Cute pic!

Teagan turned 9 months last weekend. Well, a week and a half ago. Autumn has been taking photos every month on the big brown chair. This time Trinity wanted to help get Teagan to smile. The problem is that Teagan likes to do whatever Trinity does. More importantly, he wants everything she has. Let's just say Trinity is getting some good use out of her new facility with the word "no".

Here Teagan, take the silver one.

Mom! Teagan's taking my stuff!

Finally, a happy boy!

I know I have said it before, but these two really like each other. Here's Teagan wanting a hug from his sister. He doesn't even do this for me. It sure is cool to see them have their own relationship. It's very weird to think that we have two kids that are old enough to have their own relationship.

Teagan LOVES his big sister!

Cute picture of Teagan. Weird (bad) picture of me. Strange photo.

I was cleaning up the patio when Trinity and I discovered a new game...It was much more fun than sweeping!

The thing about this picture is that Trinity can see over the rail. Yes, she's standing on the bottom rail, but still, she can see over the rail.

Dad and Sue came over last weekend for a visit. It was good grandparent/grandchild time. Cute photo!

Cute boy. I think this was for church. I think. I can't remember. Maybe just a cute photo?

With Spring weather comes flowers and the watering thereof. Here's Trinity helping dad water the flowers. She's such a good helper right now! So cute, although she tends to water herself as much as anything.


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