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I remember a few years ago, I won a trip to New York City to see John Legend perform a short set in front of maybe 200 people. It was sponsored by Stella Artois and was some sort of stunt involving exploratory data sent back from space that incorporated the "sounds" of stars. Great performance, by the way! It was a whirlwind trip that lasted about 42 hours total. I'd never been, so we packed as much into our time as possible. In addition to the concert, we ended up as extras on Good Morning America in Times Square, got off the subway because of delays (a very New York thing to do, I'm told), had lunch in Greenwich Village, toured the Guggenheim Museum, walked through Central Park.
Our hotel room was paid for and it was a few blocks from Times Square. I remember riding the elevator down on the way to the event. Autumn and I rode down with two ladies and what still stands out in my mind is the bright pink high heels one of them was wearing. At the time I noticed them …

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