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Read this if you want, but it probably won't make sense...

Trust me, this post makes way more sense to me tha to you. Maybe. Either way it will be like chasing a rabbit through a brier, minus the stickers. Well, minus the physical stings anyway.
We landed in Stillwater, Minnesota about a week and a half ago. Autumn flew out first, I drove out a week later and the kids flew out a couple of days after I did. We I drove in, the moving trailers (literally) met me at the door so I could sign for them. Oy! This would be the third time moving this particular set of boxes, so I was ready to be done! Update: I'm still not done moving many of these boxes, as many of them are still in the garage! This time we did hire some help and a couple of guys came and helped empty the trailers. Oy!

But enough about boxes, how about that elephant tied around Teagan's head? Silly kid is always up to something.

Yeah, safe to say that Teagan has a fan. No, this isn't Minnesota. This is one of the kids that Teagan used to go to daycare with. Rachel is abou…

It's Not Easy (Breaking Your Heart)

This post is certainly bittersweet, a term I find myself using quite a bit nowadays. Autumn has had a connection to and affinity for music over the past months as we have begun our journey from Baker to (now) Stillwater, Minnesota. We were talking not too long ago and she was talking about how she identifies certain songs with certain places that she stayed. She will hear songs and then make playlists for me or the kids. It's been fun and has provided a connection for us when we are not all together.

All of this leads to the title of this post. One of the songs on one of those playlists was a song called "It's Not Easy" and the chorus follows with the line "Breaking Your Heart". Of the half a dozen discs that have been cycling through our cd player in the car, that song, which I hadn't really latched on to previously, all of a sudden started standing out as I finalized our move from Bozeman.

The song itself as a metaphor for a stage in our journey break…