It's Not Easy (Breaking Your Heart)

This post is certainly bittersweet, a term I find myself using quite a bit nowadays. Autumn has had a connection to and affinity for music over the past months as we have begun our journey from Baker to (now) Stillwater, Minnesota. We were talking not too long ago and she was talking about how she identifies certain songs with certain places that she stayed. She will hear songs and then make playlists for me or the kids. It's been fun and has provided a connection for us when we are not all together.

All of this leads to the title of this post. One of the songs on one of those playlists was a song called "It's Not Easy" and the chorus follows with the line "Breaking Your Heart". Of the half a dozen discs that have been cycling through our cd player in the car, that song, which I hadn't really latched on to previously, all of a sudden started standing out as I finalized our move from Bozeman.

The song itself as a metaphor for a stage in our journey breaks down quickly but it still speaks with a simplicity that seems to matter as I go about pulling up anchor and saying my goodbyes. And that's it: it's not easy saying goodbye. As Autumn, the kids and I say good by to friends and end relationships, at least in their current form, it's quite a process that hurts, no matter how excited we are about the future.

But it's not just about personal relationships, but groups and organizations that have taken us in and become an integral part of our lives. We went from place to place, at same time going about our routines but also saying our goodbyes. And man, it's not easy breaking my heart either. But it's not all sad, and maybe that's why it's not easy.

We visited the library, Trin's school, our apartment and we spent a few evenings with Mike, Melissa and Torben as we transitioned from our apartment and packed up the trailer. But that's not where it ends either. We then made the trek back to Baker to load up the bulk of our household goods to be shipped to Minnesota. Then it happens again; we start the same process of reuniting with friends and starting the process of leaving here too. And let me tell you it's not easy. But it's not easy because the people and groups are so great!

Here are a few pictures of people and places that make our life so great:

Melissa, Mike and Torben Knutson

This special group of educators has provided such a terrific environment for Trin!

Friends with puppies!

Melody has been such a great force in the kids' lives, so much more than a childcare provider. She has been and continues to be a huge influence on this entire community!

And then there's family! Obviously this is just part of ours!


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