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Okay, so this isn't a very creative post. Maybe I shouldn't be qualifying  my updates, but sometimes I put pressure on myself to come up with a theme or idea that makes the post a little more than just a bunch of pictures and captions. But in the end, that's what this blog is all about. Now on with the show!

Trinity has been a collector since I can remember. I guess that means she was born to hunt Easter eggs. Just give that girl a container and she'll have it full of something in no time flat! Trinity hunted for eggs three times this last weekend, which is more than necessary, but less times than she could have. Kcia invited us up to her mom's for a fun morning on Saturday, where we had a ton of fun hanging out in the sunshine. Thanks for the great time!

Somebody has their Easter sweater on...

The story goes that this wasn't planned...suuuuure, whatever you say....
Ava and Trinity have such different personalities, so it was fun to see them dressed the same. Talk …

Long Time, Long Post

Keeping profundity to a minimum, we joump right to a TON of pictures. Did ya miss me?

Trinity and her first  batch of  homemade playdoh. This is nice when we're cooking, then she can "cook" with us.

8 months and counting! I weighed him last week and he was 19lbs 6oz. Not a lot of gain in the weight department, but I think he's stretching out some. I was going to measure him, but he was too wriggly and too tired for me to get a peaceful measurement. Still, he looks taller, doesn't he?

Momma helping our little momma feed her own baby. Trinity is very sweet to Teagan. She even tries to help him go to sleep (read: she pushes him over, telling him "nigh nigh!").

Cool dude! Acutally, he got these at his first eye appointment. I wondered why they do them so young, but it's important to set a baseline. When Trinity was blind, it was nice to have her original baseline that showed that she could indeed see at one time.

My cutie patootie in Ava's wagon

So the r…


No, not the jalopy you have up on blocks in your front yard. I'll give you a hint: It's a boy! It was funny that Autumn and I had completely forgotten about clunking. Trinity did it quite a bit when she was younger, but we soon forgot about it. I remember that we had these farm animals for Trinity to play with in the bath. I told Trinity that a chicken says, "cluck!" She thought I said, "clunk", so she grabs two of the farm animals and starts clunking them together.

The other night Autumn was bathing Teagan and he starting clunking as well and Autumn and I soon remembered how much fun clunking can be. Wanna see? I thought so:

I don't think I can think of two kiddos with better dispositions than Trinity and Teagan. I know there's a little bias there, but these kids love to smile and laugh! Autumn and I are really blessed to be their parents!
Oh yeah, Teagan had 6 month photos that I never posted, so here are a few:

G'nite Gracie!

Sun River

Warning: This post is REALLY long. Well, long on photos of course. The words, well, maybe not so much. By the way, how did it get to be 10:30 already? Time flies when your internet connection sucks. Ha! Last week we went to Sun River, Oregon, for a week of family vacationing with two other families. That put the body, er, head count at 13, which included two high school students who were our live in babysitters. Great idea? Yes! It allowed us to go skiing and go out to dinner a few nights without having to worry about tired kids and, subsequently, tired adults. All in all it was a great trip!

How can a trip not be great with a hat like this? Teagan's a stud. Who else could pull off a fuzzy orange hat and a pacifier?

Chelsea was a great addition to our big happy family!

We even brought the kids their own table. It turned out to be a great activity table as well as a place for them to eat! There were three two-year olds (Trinity, Alex and Ava), Teagan is 7 months and Maddie is about si…

Quick update cuz it's late...

As a quick follow up to the last post, I have a part 2 for you. The last time we found my kids either with a finger buried knuckle deep in a nostril or not looking at the camera. After closer examination, I have determined that Teagan got a bad rap. He was actually trying to find an exit. As shown below, he is clearly wondering, in the words of David Byrne, "how did I get here?"

And seriously, can you blame him?