For Dana, Part 1

A little mouse told me that I hadn't blogged in a while. And by "in a while", she meant a few days. We've been out of town for the last week on a family vacation. The last week or two hasn't been terribly kind to the Swarrells, as everyone has had a virus of some kind. But vacation is vacation, which means a bad one is still TONS better than work. Not that this was a bad one by any stretch, but the kids weren't healthy and my lower GI still isn't right. Too much information? You should know better by now! Meanwhile, we had fun skiiing and playing around in central Oregon. A full update is on the way, but meanwhile, this one's for you Dana!

Notice the four kids. Two of them are smiling. One isn't looking at the camera. One has her finger buried up her nose! Guess which ones are ours? You only get one guess. Ha!


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