Long Time, Long Post

Keeping profundity to a minimum, we joump right to a TON of pictures. Did ya miss me?

Trinity and her first  batch of  homemade playdoh. This is nice when we're cooking, then she can "cook" with us.

8 months and counting! I weighed him last week and he was 19lbs 6oz. Not a lot of gain in the weight department, but I think he's stretching out some. I was going to measure him, but he was too wriggly and too tired for me to get a peaceful measurement. Still, he looks taller, doesn't he?

Momma helping our little momma feed her own baby. Trinity is very sweet to Teagan. She even tries to help him go to sleep (read: she pushes him over, telling him "nigh nigh!").

Cool dude! Acutally, he got these at his first eye appointment. I wondered why they do them so young, but it's important to set a baseline. When Trinity was blind, it was nice to have her original baseline that showed that she could indeed see at one time.

My cutie patootie in Ava's wagon

So the rest of this post is a series of Trinity and Teagan together on the chair. These two are going to be a riot when they get older. They sure love being together!

It's either brotherly love or a headbutt. In a picture it can be hard to tell...

Can't even begin to tell you what happened here. I hear that's going to be the case for most of the next 17 years. I guess that sometimes it's just best to not know...

Trinity loves it when Teagan grabs her hair. And he grabs really hard. Once again, Teagan could  have Trinity in a headlock.

We weren't doing anthing. Really dad, we were just sitting here quietly...

But when they're cute, they're just stinkin' cute. It occurred to me that I might point out the cuteness of my kids quite a bit on this blog. In case you were wondering: that's not changing anytime soon! G'nite!


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