Next swim lesson...

So we've been taking Trinity to swim lessons for a few weeks now, and the crying is lessening. Trinity is not really one to cry, so it's been weird to have her erupt in tears when she goes swimming. Kim, who gives her the lessons, does a great job getting the kids used to the water with all kinds of fun activities!

I guess this is a swim lesson? Shower time!

Some friends of ours have a few chickens that they keep for eggs. They left town for a few days, and we were able to feed the chickens! Trinity had a great time tossing the food to the hens. She liked it so much that she even tried to hug one!

Teagan , doing his part...looking cute, that is!

Probably another picture I shouldn't post. My expression needs interpretation. Constipated? In pain? Not make the call!

Ah, the joys of trying to take a photo of a two year old!

Our little girl...not so little! Miss independent!

In a few years, these two might be trouble...


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