Sun River

Warning: This post is REALLY long. Well, long on photos of course. The words, well, maybe not so much. By the way, how did it get to be 10:30 already? Time flies when your internet connection sucks. Ha! Last week we went to Sun River, Oregon, for a week of family vacationing with two other families. That put the body, er, head count at 13, which included two high school students who were our live in babysitters. Great idea? Yes! It allowed us to go skiing and go out to dinner a few nights without having to worry about tired kids and, subsequently, tired adults. All in all it was a great trip!

How can a trip not be great with a hat like this? Teagan's a stud. Who else could pull off a fuzzy orange hat and a pacifier?

Chelsea was a great addition to our big happy family!

We even brought the kids their own table. It turned out to be a great activity table as well as a place for them to eat! There were three two-year olds (Trinity, Alex and Ava), Teagan is 7 months and Maddie is about six weeks. 

Water was a theme for the kids and adult alike! There was a hot tub at the house we stayed in, and also at the community pool! Trinity loves the water, she is fearless!

Here's Alex, showing us his teeth!

Melissa and Maddie. What an adventure for a newborn! She's been to the ski lodge at Mt. Bachelor more than most adults!

The village at Sun River had a sweet shop. Trinity and Alex were enthralled with all of the options!

Sweet little Ava, eating her ice cream...

...and then there's our girl. She eats with gusto!

Sweet shop group shot!

On Wednesday, The babysitters and I took the kids to a place that had about 10 inflatable play structures, including slides, bounce houses and an obstacle course. What a great way to spend the morning! The kids played themselves silly!

this is the way to end the day, in the hot tub to take the chill off the snow!

Someone should tell Ava's dad that the shirt is supposed to snap under the pants...

Back to the sweet shop for more yummies!

Autumn thought that maybe the cone wouldn't be as messy...she might have been mistaken!

Aw, how sweet!

The Irvine's: Bill, (messy) Alex, (sleeping) Maddie, and Melissa!

Better half of our family: Autumn and (messy) Trinity.

The other half: Teagan and me, back at the playhouse!

We went back to the playhouse, this time with all the parents. One of the rules is that you slide on your bottom. Ava obviously missed the memo...

Trinity actually prefers to go down slides headfirst. Here she is clearly compromising her values for the sake of staying on the right side of the law!

Alex finally warmed up to the obstacle course with his mom, but stilled showed a slight aversion to following the rules...

Autumn was listening...

Jennifer was listening...

Kal was NOT listening...busted!

Trinity insisted that Teagan take a ride. He was thrilled. I think.

The lodge had this big stuffed bear. Here's the best we could get from three kiddos. At least Trinity is smiling...

Final day of vacation means that we go out for breakfast to avoid dirty dishes. Teagan sure is antisocial!

The Kelleys, Kal, Jennifer and Ava

Here's Jennifer holding Trinity while Ava struggles to get to her mommy from Chelsea. Ava LOVES her mommy! Chelsea and Lindsey (not pictured) did a great job watching the kids. I know it was a lot of work for them, so congrats on a job well done!

Final group shot taken by the bus driver. Happy group, too bad the fun's over. Here's to another one in the books!


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