No, not the jalopy you have up on blocks in your front yard. I'll give you a hint: It's a boy! It was funny that Autumn and I had completely forgotten about clunking. Trinity did it quite a bit when she was younger, but we soon forgot about it. I remember that we had these farm animals for Trinity to play with in the bath. I told Trinity that a chicken says, "cluck!" She thought I said, "clunk", so she grabs two of the farm animals and starts clunking them together.

The other night Autumn was bathing Teagan and he starting clunking as well and Autumn and I soon remembered how much fun clunking can be. Wanna see? I thought so:

I don't think I can think of two kiddos with better dispositions than Trinity and Teagan. I know there's a little bias there, but these kids love to smile and laugh! Autumn and I are really blessed to be their parents!

Oh yeah, Teagan had 6 month photos that I never posted, so here are a few:

G'nite Gracie!


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