Okay, so this isn't a very creative post. Maybe I shouldn't be qualifying  my updates, but sometimes I put pressure on myself to come up with a theme or idea that makes the post a little more than just a bunch of pictures and captions. But in the end, that's what this blog is all about. Now on with the show!

Trinity has been a collector since I can remember. I guess that means she was born to hunt Easter eggs. Just give that girl a container and she'll have it full of something in no time flat! Trinity hunted for eggs three times this last weekend, which is more than necessary, but less times than she could have. Kcia invited us up to her mom's for a fun morning on Saturday, where we had a ton of fun hanging out in the sunshine. Thanks for the great time!

Somebody has their Easter sweater on...

The story goes that this wasn't planned...suuuuure, whatever you say....

Ava and Trinity have such different personalities, so it was fun to see them dressed the same. Talk about a couple of cuties! Hope everyone's Easter was great!


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