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Banff Log, The Finale!

Note: This is the fifth installment of my Banff Log. For the first four go hereherehere,here and here. I know it's been long, but this is it! Then it's back to our regularly scheduled program!
Day 13 - Banff to Silverwood!
Time to leave! Wow it was wet. I am really glad that we packed up most of our stuff. I am even more glad that I brought a tarp and drop cloth. It helped when we loaded wet bikes into the camper. We were out of there in a little over and hour. Then I delayed things by wanting coffee from Starbucks. Say what you want about the coffee giant, they serve a consistent cuppa, which I very much appreciate. I never did get it though, since the Safeway we went to had closed their kiosk temporarily. Bummer. So we hit the road without coffee, but cheerful spirits nonetheless.

We then proceeded to stop about every 20 minutes for the next 2 hours. At least that’s what it felt like. It was likely less than that, but mileage was slim in the morning. There were potty brea…