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Diary of a Wimpy Kid...and his wife and two children!!!

I think that I read an article a while back about how kids just wish parents would stop posting pictures of them. Ha, sorry guys!

For those of you that don't know, March 20th was the first day of Spring. More importantly, Dairy Queen also gives out free ice cream cones all day. Win!
This is a small piece that I like to call "The Natural Progression of a Tired Child":

This first photo captures the dramatic display of pain and suffering...

...Followed by a cookie...

...And a picture with Mogul Mouse! Another parenting win? Possibly, although more out of luck and bribery than anything else!

The other tired child was way more into posing for a picture. She gets so excited to share her experiences! Go Trin!

Trin loves cats. The End...

Did I mention she loves cats? In contrast, Teagan had a light saber painted on his face...

...and had his picture taken with Princess Leia...

...and the thing he was most eager to share with his mom was how Wolverine was more Fierce than Hulk!

Feeling that BC Love!

Hello Baker City!!! We swept into town late last week and have been feeling the Baker City love ever since. The reality of having left hit me harder this trip than any of the previous visits. Trinity and I left for Bozeman in September but have been back four times since. The first three visits we different I think because Teagan and Autumn were both still (mostly) living here. This fourth trip marks the first time we've all been back since Teagan came to Bozeman and Autumn started working in Minneapolis. It's been great to visit and see so many people in such a short time!

Getting lotsa love at the Young Life auction. I really appreciate how much the kids are loved!

Me and Charlie, just before I showed him how to play darts...

Another family that is so awesome!!!

Our kids have had the privilege of having some really great teachers!!!

Not just great teachers, great friends too!

Just like old times: the kids had lunch and recess at their old school. The were really treated like…