Diary of a Wimpy Kid...and his wife and two children!!!

I think that I read an article a while back about how kids just wish parents would stop posting pictures of them. Ha, sorry guys!

For those of you that don't know, March 20th was the first day of Spring. More importantly, Dairy Queen also gives out free ice cream cones all day. Win!

This is a small piece that I like to call "The Natural Progression of a Tired Child":

This first photo captures the dramatic display of pain and suffering...

...Followed by a cookie...

...And a picture with Mogul Mouse! Another parenting win? Possibly, although more out of luck and bribery than anything else!

The other tired child was way more into posing for a picture. She gets so excited to share her experiences! Go Trin!

Trin loves cats. The End...

Did I mention she loves cats? In contrast, Teagan had a light saber painted on his face...

...and had his picture taken with Princess Leia...

...and the thing he was most eager to share with his mom was how Wolverine was more Fierce than Hulk!

Also this weekend, Teagan had his first carving session. He wanted to sharpen the hockey stick he built out of wood, but we decided that learning on a stick was best. In case you're wondering, there were band aids involved. Funny story (but true): we went to bandage a small cut and I asked Teagan if he wanted a red band aid or one of his new Avengers' Band Aids. Surprise of the day: No, Avengers Band Aids are only for wounds NOT involving blood.

Sweetheart award: Trinity and Teagan both built boxes at the home show this weekend. Trinity really wanted to give it to our upstairs neighbor. The store don't have flowers yet, so we went with cacti instead. Trin potted them and gave them to Caroline upstairs...she loves to give!!!

Pump tracktime!!!

Faceplant time!!! Sometimes I feel bad for wanting to catch incidents such as this on film (so to speak). Actually I didn't even know that I had until after the incident. This was certainly one of the better wrecks Teagan has had. He had been popping wheelies off this bump without incident about 10 times in a row. Really what I was trying to capture was Trin and Teagan together. Either way, it was a good one!!!

He lost a bit of skin on that one, but showed some grit and was back out there without prompting about three minutes later. He even hit the same line again!!!

Of course Trin has never attacked the pump track like Teagan has, but she usually gives it a go. She tried a couple of runs and ended up with a minor wreck and a shin scrape. A few minutes later though, she showed me the site of the "incident" and then did a few laps on foot. Not long after she wanted to give it a go with me to assist at the top of the hump that had stymied her before. The first run I gave her a little boost, but the second I encouraged her to pedal harder. The great part was that, not only did she make it all on her own, she continued to ride for another 15-20 minutes!

I know these photos are fewer than they ought to be. Really though, this is what makes me such a lucky dude! Hint: NOT the beverage.

Pizza night!

Ski day!

Yep, occasionally we're all together!!!


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