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What Have I Done?

I think I just deleted a post (or two?). Boy that really burns me up! By the way, I am finished with week three of the new job and it is really great! So what the heck am I doing up at 11:30? Good question. I sat down to blog and now I am researching how to direct races, make sure that our backup is running, fixing my apple account so that my phone works so that I can download free apps through App Gratis. That took longer than it should have. Then I was going to pull photos off of my phone for a blog post. But then I was distracted by all the storage I was wasting on my phone by having (virtually) the same photo two or three times. That's the best way to capture kids' antics. It's also the best way to clog up your phone. So I was cleaning that up a little and realized that it was late. Way too late. Good thing it's Friday night! Oh yeah, I'll stop rambling just long enough to post a photo.

Boom! Knocked that one out of the park, didn't? Not bad for a single ph…