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Bigger Than a Lima Bean!

The latest is that our newest addition is bigger than a Lima bean! Autumn had her second appointment yesterday and the doctor thinks that she is more like 15 weeks along, instead of the 13 or so that we were thinking. Wow! As an added bonus, I have included a picture of Autumn's surprise at the fact that we were indeed pregnant...enjoy!

The Story (Continued)

He there Kiddo,

I never properly welcomed you to the family: welcome, welcome! We are so excited for you to join us! Let's pick up where we left off:

...and then Autumn had blood tests and her first doctor's appointment. She heard your heart beat! How cool is that! Then we had the ultrasound and saw you for the first time. It is incredible to look at the ultrasound images and think that a life is growing inside of Autumn. Wow. From then on it was a bonanza, I was telling everyone. I think that it drove your mother a little crazy because she was not getting to tell anyone, yet everyone knew.

The family is so excited for you to be here also; Dad screamed! I know that Mom would have yelled if she was a yelling person. Even Oma gave a yelp of delight. You are already loved by many. I am going to sign off for now, but I'll leave you with my favorite picture as of late; it is your mother looking absolutely beautiful after confirming that we were indeed pregnant.


Dad (I love it …

First Real Post

Dear Happy Feet,

When we first heard that Autumn was pregnant, neither of us believed the doctor. That is not to say that we were completely unprepared to be pregnant, but it was under odd circumstances that we found out. A couple of days before we had returned from Nepal and Autumn, your mother, was very sick from something that she ate in Kathmandu (side note: you're a world traveller already!). She had not eaten or had any propoer fluids for days and she was not doing well. I had never seen her that sick or weak. So, we went to the emergency room to get some fluids in her. When we checked into the hospital, they asked if she might be pregnant. She said that it is possible. Little did we know...

So about one liter into Autumn's rehydration, the doctor came and said that her HCG is positive and we are pregnant. I think we were both tired, sick and unprepared for that. It was unreal, like a dream. We had no idea how far along she might be, so we kept it quiet. I guess about 1 in…

Proud Parents

Just a quick post to let you see the inspiration for this whole deal: our child! This is the first ultrasound at about 12 +/- weeks into the pregnancy. We'll be elaborating on the whole experience as time goes on. Until then, enjoy the pic!

Welcome to the Swarrell Life

This is an attempt to journal an exciting time in our lives as we build a house, have a baby, live with my wife's parents, finish an MBA, and generally figure out how to live on planet earth with 6 billion other people. Enjoy the ride with us. Whew!