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I will start out by saying that my daughter is ridiculously grown up. Three years can happen overnight. Okay, not really. Think about it.
Trinity turned three (3) years old last Tuesday. Three. Years. Old. I have two kids walking. Wait, I am making this about me. Trinity is three! And she's talking like crazy AND she is looking awfully grown up. More pictures about THAT later. for now, it's party time! My folks came down and we had a great time for Trinity's birthday!

8 seconds? No worries, it's a toy. I've got this one.

Swingset. It's new.

My mom came down for a couple of days, good grandma/grandchild time to be had.

It was cold. BUT, if you are going to set up a swingset in late November, you can be darn well sure that it is going to be used. At least, for two minutes.

First haircut. I still do this when she cuts my hair. The only difference is that she just slaps me. He gets away with it.

Parenting 101: Distraction!

My nephew may kill me for posting this one. He ca…


Well, Teagan is now 15 months old. Pretty soon we won't count months anymore. Besides, I am 454 months old now, I can let that one go. Today we celebrate the bad pictures. I know, we have a few doozies on here every now and again, but this whole post is about the worst pictures from our latest batch. That is likely because most of the pictures were bad...enjoy!

Deer in the headlights...

Ummm...yeah. Style points maybe?

The idea was to get a nice picture with the two kids sitting nicely next to each other. Hmmm. At any moment a hug from Trinity can instigate a wrestling match.

See the above caption, only this time it is with three kids. If this is a boys vs. girls match, Teagan might be in serious trouble!

Unflattering wardrobe, out-of-focus, AND they aren't looking at the camera! In baseball, this would be the end of the inning.

Excuse me, where's my coffee? Are you finished yet, I have places to be ya know!

Caption unnecessary. Wait, she's on the toilet so you know there'…

How We Roll

Well, the title got your attention didn't it? It's really boring to call a post like this "Various Pictures".  Also, this is how we roll. Enjoy!

8 seconds yet?

Texting her friends so they can meet up at the mall...

"See food!"

Can you say, "dry climate"? Trinity can!

I talk quite a bit about how good Trinity is with Teagan. She also does this.

Tunnel vision

Hmmm. Searching for a good caption. Maybe I don't need one?

Good thing Teagan isn't as prone to put things in his mouth as his sister. Gravel doesn't digest.

Cheese! This one is for the mommies who weren't with us at the time.

Of course, this is what happens when moms aren't around to talk sense into dads: three kids on a stroller built for two...that is NOT stadium seating!

She is a GREAT helper in the kitchen!

In case you were wondering, and you most likely are, Trinity is wearing Autumn's pajama shorts.

Rear view. This one will haunt her...

Make a funny face...or two!

The title will make more sense as you read further down. Oh yeah, in response to the great feedback that I received last time I put up a video for a's another one:

Hit play and enjoy the pictures!

Trinity enjoys helping out with Teagan's care and feeding.

Nice picture of a boy and his mommy

Innocent, unsuspecting victims.

This is criminal mischief if I have ever seen it.

Trinity's first time carving a pumpkin...Ava is here to show her how to draw the face before you carve!

Very carefully drawing the face with a sharpie...

Time for a little cutting! They even have (sort of) safe tools for kids to use to cut pumpkins

Teagan just wanted to touch the goopy stuff

Trinity working hard to stay inside the lines...

Teagan getting his turn

How does that song go? "Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed..." Or maybe, Judy Collins asking where the clowns are?

Trinity's finished product! She did a great job!
From left to right: Kal's first pumpkin, Ava's first …