Make a funny face...or two!

The title will make more sense as you read further down. Oh yeah, in response to the great feedback that I received last time I put up a video for a's another one:

Hit play and enjoy the pictures!

Trinity enjoys helping out with Teagan's care and feeding.

Nice picture of a boy and his mommy

Innocent, unsuspecting victims.

This is criminal mischief if I have ever seen it.

Trinity's first time carving a pumpkin...Ava is here to show her how to draw the face before you carve!

Very carefully drawing the face with a sharpie...

Time for a little cutting! They even have (sort of) safe tools for kids to use to cut pumpkins

Teagan just wanted to touch the goopy stuff

Trinity working hard to stay inside the lines...

Teagan getting his turn

How does that song go? "Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed..." Or maybe, Judy Collins asking where the clowns are?

Trinity's finished product! She did a great job!

From left to right: Kal's first pumpkin, Ava's first pumpkin, Teagan's first pumpkin, and Trinity's first pumkin...There are your victims jack-o-lanterns!


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