I will start out by saying that my daughter is ridiculously grown up. Three years can happen overnight. Okay, not really. Think about it.
Trinity turned three (3) years old last Tuesday. Three. Years. Old. I have two kids walking. Wait, I am making this about me. Trinity is three! And she's talking like crazy AND she is looking awfully grown up. More pictures about THAT later. for now, it's party time! My folks came down and we had a great time for Trinity's birthday!

8 seconds? No worries, it's a toy. I've got this one.

Swingset. It's new.

My mom came down for a couple of days, good grandma/grandchild time to be had.

It was cold. BUT, if you are going to set up a swingset in late November, you can be darn well sure that it is going to be used. At least, for two minutes.

First haircut. I still do this when she cuts my hair. The only difference is that she just slaps me. He gets away with it.

Parenting 101: Distraction!

My nephew may kill me for posting this one. He can too, with his bare hands. He's about 6 feet 85 inches tall, with a rugged beard. I don't stand a chance!

Jamma giving Trinity the high points of kangaroo etiquette. Kathi might just kill me too.

These are two big dudes. If Mark stood on Grayson's shoulders, he could change the light bulb on the ceiling fan. That would be SERIOUSLY handy. I hate heights.

Teagan goes to about three people these days. Mark is one of them.

Trinity LOVES it when people sing happy birthday. Especially when it is to her. Here she shows her appreciation.

Yes. Another failed attempt at getting a picture of Autumn with one of our children. Epic fail: dad.

Teagan with his G-pa Harry...loves the scratchy beard!

Teagan is just old enough to help with presents. Christmas should be fun this year! While Trinity is distracted by the gift, Teagan will just open everything else!


Happy Birthday, sung a second time, and a beautiful cake (complete with shoes, thanks so much to Kathi!).

Told you she likes that song...

While it may look like I am helping blow out candles, I was actually just making that face. Classy.

She was good at it this year!

First comes the cutting...

Then the EATING!

Happy Birthday Trinity!


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