Well, Teagan is now 15 months old. Pretty soon we won't count months anymore. Besides, I am 454 months old now, I can let that one go. Today we celebrate the bad pictures. I know, we have a few doozies on here every now and again, but this whole post is about the worst pictures from our latest batch. That is likely because most of the pictures were bad...enjoy!

Deer in the headlights...

Ummm...yeah. Style points maybe?

The idea was to get a nice picture with the two kids sitting nicely next to each other. Hmmm. At any moment a hug from Trinity can instigate a wrestling match.

See the above caption, only this time it is with three kids. If this is a boys vs. girls match, Teagan might be in serious trouble!

Unflattering wardrobe, out-of-focus, AND they aren't looking at the camera! In baseball, this would be the end of the inning.

Excuse me, where's my coffee? Are you finished yet, I have places to be ya know!

Caption unnecessary. Wait, she's on the toilet so you know there's a funny one in there somewhere. Wait, is that chocolate on her face?

Okay, so no mayhem. It's in focus. But WHO DIED? Lighten up kids!


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