How We Roll

Well, the title got your attention didn't it? It's really boring to call a post like this "Various Pictures".  Also, this is how we roll. Enjoy!

8 seconds yet?

Texting her friends so they can meet up at the mall...

"See food!"

Can you say, "dry climate"? Trinity can!

I talk quite a bit about how good Trinity is with Teagan. She also does this.

Tunnel vision

Hmmm. Searching for a good caption. Maybe I don't need one?

Good thing Teagan isn't as prone to put things in his mouth as his sister. Gravel doesn't digest.

Cheese! This one is for the mommies who weren't with us at the time.

Of course, this is what happens when moms aren't around to talk sense into dads: three kids on a stroller built for two...that is NOT stadium seating!

She is a GREAT helper in the kitchen!

In case you were wondering, and you most likely are, Trinity is wearing Autumn's pajama shorts.

Rear view. This one will haunt her...


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