Just playing around

We should all take the time to watch kids play. Then we should go out and find things to do that bring out the same joy in us. I really like taking Trinity to the park right now because she is learning how to play and having a ton of fun doing it!

Autumn came home this summer with a trampoline that she bought at a yard sale for $5. It was a very well-spent $5. All the kids really love to take a turn. It even helped Trinity learn how to jump!

Is that air under Trinity's feet? For the longest time "jumping" meant squating down and standing up really fast. Didn't actually mean her feet left the ground...this is progress!

Is this teetering or tottering?

Both liking the carousel/twirly-spinny thing.

Ava talking to her mommy.

Trinity being tricky, never one to try things normally.

Synchronized swinging...without the showercaps!

Teagan, just after he woke up from his little snooze

Ava putting her game face on...

I think the only reason I put this picture on here is because of Trinity. Okay, maybe Teagan too. Trinity looks like she was photoshopped in from  different picture.

You give me a boost...

I'll give you a helping hand!


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