While we were away...

We left Teagan in the care of our favorite neighbors while we frolicked in sunny Arizona. We missed the kids while we were away, but never had to go without our kids fix. Smart phones insured that we could get a picture anywhere and anytime we had cell service.Here's a little sample of Teagan's weekend. I think he might have had a good time:

Teagan always looks a little bleary when he wakes up. He must get that from me. Trinity is more like Autumn; from the moment she opens her eyes, she's ready to rumble!

Apparently the food was taking a while at Barley's. Teagan samples the crayons instead!

I tell you, the boy gets spoiled when we aren't around. Not only is he not allowed in the kitchen at home, he never gets a cup unless he's in a chair. Ruined! Ruined, I tell you!

Fortunately, Ava was there to help us out. I can only imagine the kind of classroom that little lady runs. She can be BOSSY! In this case it's a good thing though, since Teagan needs whipped back into shape by the time mom and dad get home...


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