I can see why old folks retire to Arizona. 80 degrees in October? Nice! Autumn had a conference in Sedona a couple of weeks ago, so I tagged along. I worked a little from the hotel room while she was getting some learning. In addition to working, I also caught up on what is now my favorite TV show that I didn't know about. It's called "Double Life" and it is about people who go undercover in very dangerous situations and put a lot of bad guys away. Good stuff. Makes me a little paranoid though. There are some really messed up people out there doing some really messed up things. But you already knew that because you have cable. In fact, I didn't even have to watch the show. I should have just asked you how it ended. But I digress...

We flew to Phoenix and drove to Sedona. We saw the mud houses of the cliff dwellers. That was really cool. Then went on a heck of a hike that had about 2000 ft of climbing. Ouch! But the landscape in Sedona is beautiful, even if you are suffering. We motored up the hill, sweating and swearing the entire way. Then we stopped at the top and enjoyed our giant pretzel and chocolate-chip scone that we had bought at the cafe where we had lunch. We were carb loading. Yum. I like carb loading.

Here's me smiling because we're done hiking UP. It's all down hill from here. Literally.

This is one of those pictures that doesn't do itself justice. That is a dangerous as heck steep and deep little chasm that you could fall down and die very easily. So I stood at the opening and took a picture. See what I do for you?

Note to self: don't lean up against prickly pear; the little poky spines have barbs that burough through shirts and skin. Good thing Autumn is a surgeon. She even found one  a couple of days ago in my back that had started to get a little red and infected. Like I said, good thing Autumn is a surgeon.

Happy hikers! Gorgeous canyon. Don't know why the picture has those black bands at the top and bottom. I work in the technology field. You would THINK that I could figure that out. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

In addition to hiking, we also rode mountain bikes. It's hot and rocky down there. Yes, we think this picture is as cheesy as you do. That's why it's here. We share the love.

We thought it would be cute to take photos of us kissing while doing our outdoor activities. So excuse the next few photos that demonstrate us trying to kiss while taking a picture of ourselves.

Try again

Try again

Close enough!

Big church on a big rock. Me on a mountain bike. We rode up there. I was so thristy that I almost drank the holy water. That would be BAD.

Here's my wife, ripping up a little Arizona singletrack. And that is that. G'nite!


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