Let the Holidays Begin!

With October comes Halloween (or harvest festivals, whichever you prefer...) and the beginning of the holiday season. Last year we went to a pumpkin patch and watched Trinity eat dirt...literally. This year was better, and Teagan was even up and about for the festivities. Enjoy all (and there are quite a few) the pictures!

Technically, the first picture has little to do with holidays. But there is a cuteness factor that gives it the go-ahead for this post. WARNING: do not turn your back on a one year old. They climb things that they shouldn't. What's worse is they don't know it's bad! Actually, I was talking to Autumn while she was in the kitchen and turned to see that Teagan had climbed up on the little music table. I grabbed him before we could get a picture, for safety, you know. So then, you are wondering how we have a picture of the event here on the blog. Well, wonder no more! We recreated the event JUST FOR YOU! Don't worry, no babies were harmed in the making of this blog post.

The pumpkin patch has a few little items around that you make for good photo opportunities, like a tractor, for instance.

I guess we went girls/boys this time!

Little monkeys are getting too good at climbing.

So there were bales behind this stack that I am standing on. I am trying to wrangle a photo out of this whole deal, but not everyone was sympathetic to my cause...

This is pretty representative of the photos we got of the kids. Three kids, three different directions!

Family photo. I think it's better if you click on the picture to make it bigger. Should have cropped it.

Ava was having a day. It's your party girl....

Okay, maybe there were a couple of good ones!

Then it was a tractor ride out to the actual pumpkin patch, where we picked out our carving victims. I think there's an update on that coming too, by the way.

Kissing the pumpkin for good luck. I think it's an Irish tradition.

Teagan trying it out too. Ava is just wondering why anyone would kiss squash.

Never one to pick a small one, Trinity show's off her power lifting prowess.

Ava is more realistic

Trinity is not as realistic. But she is pretty strong!

Cuties, both of them

Teagan thinks that the best place to start eating a pumpkin is at the stem...

Big boy sitting up on his own for the tractor ride. when did he get so big?

At the end of the day, you end of with lots of pumpkins. Sometimes too many. But a day at the pumpkin patch is always a good one!

Post Script:

After our pumpkin patch adventure, we went to dinner at some friends' house. They also happen to have horses. In this case, they had two new baby horses. Yes, I am committing some sort of faux pas by saying baby horse. I realize that. It's just cuter when baby humans are petting baby horses.

Both kids loved the horses. Trinity wanted to ride this one. Eric had to be the one to break her heart. Glad it wasn't me...this time!


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