Sometimes I think I know Trinity and then she does something that totally makes me rethink my view of her. Take the following pictures for example:

Good pals, sitting in the yard...

Hmm, maybe I'll just reach over here and...

...PULL this out of Ava's hands...

Now I have TWO bottles!

Kids do the darnedest things when they are growing up. I know I did my fair share. Some of it even involved the cops. But I digress. Trinity is a very sweet little girl, a sweet soul. But she also pushes Teagan down. She pushes Ava down. Ava bites Trinity. You get the idea. So it is neat to see Trinity and Ava when they are at there best, when you can see how much they enjoy each other. Case in point:

Trinity tends to be the braver one, so she has been up this ladder before.

Just giving Ava a hand...

...and a boost!

This reminds me of a photo booth...

What a couple of cutie patooties!

They even like to goof around at McDonald's!

I think it helps me, as a dad, to see these pictures. Particularly after a trying day with my kids. They tell me that my daughter is okay. That she's just trying to figure things out. That she isn't the spawn of the devil. Just kidding...sort of. And they remind me that these moments, the good and the bad, are fleeting and that I need to not wish anything away, even the hard stuff. Autumn is good at reminding me of that. It's good advice.


  1. Nicely put. Something about those big sisters...they can be super cute one minute and super ornery (especially to little brothers) the next!

  2. I can relate, being a younger brother...



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