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Christmas, the prequel?

Um, the texting is okay. Pants on backwards? Ha! Wait, wasn't there a video on MTV where the kids wore their jeans that way? Weird. I think I liked the song, but didn't buy the pants. I did buy MC Hammer pants though. There are likely pictures to prove it. Yikes!

Trinity is three, Kriss Kross had no such excuse.
She eats bubbles. The taste doesn't seem to phase her...ewww!

Doing laps with the kids. They love to lay down and go around and around on the wood floors.

Push, Teagan, PUSH!

Pull, Trinity, PULL!

Trinity loves her brother...

Teagan is a goofball...

Together they are trouble!

Pudding anyone?!?

I think we have another taker!

If Teagan ever releases a rock or rap album, this is likely to be the cover. If he chooses classical music, we'll likely look for an alternate photo. YEAH BABY!
I meant to write something deep and meaningful. Oh well! Have a great night!

Christmas 2011, Episode 1

Last weekend there was much ado here at the Harrell house, as I am sure was the case in many homes this time of year. I really like Christmas for many reasons, so this time of year is really a lift for me. It's a lift for Autumn and the kids too, as we put up lights, a tree and hang the stockings. The kids had advent calendars, which really only meant chocolate to them, but it was something they looked forward to. We started that darned Elf of the Shelf tradition and now our elf Babaloo haunts our house between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you read the link to "Babaloo", rest assured that I never knew any of that before we gave that name to our elf. I just thought it was interesting. My stepdad thought that the name sounded familiar, like he had heard it on TV or something. That would be the Ricky Ricardo reference.

Meanwhile, time charged on and we sat on Santa's lap  (Not me or Autumn, just the kids. It's a figurative "we"), toured the Christmas lig…

Goings on

'Tis the season to be jolly. Boy, just ran into a little writer's block. Thought I had a good idea for this post and just discovered that I don't have anything. Wait, I have two little kids. That should do nicely.

By the way, Teagan can dance.

Yeah, he gets it from his grandfather.

Trinity and Ava making cookies. Trinity rocking the cool tights.

They took the cookies to an adult foster home...

They handed out cookies...

And they handed out more cookies...

It's always a little bit dangerous to let those two be by themselves for too long...

In return for their cookies, they received very nice tree was a wonderful trade!

You really have to watch a three year old around wheel chairs. Good thing she can't actually push it!

Kal and the girls. Kal had a connection through work to set up the visit with the girls

It appears that they didn't just hand out cookies. They might have tasted them too...

Also this year, we decorated a gingerbread's how it…

Establishing (and continuing) Tradition

This year is the first year that Autumn and I have talked about getting a real Christmas tree. Trinity is three now, and will start remembering these things, so we thought that maybe it would be fun to go get a real tree. We made some plans, locked in the dates and went about our business. Then we realized we didn't have lights. We didn't have much in the way of ornaments. We have two young children. So we went with the fake tree that has served us for a couple of years. It is a very nice tree. Did I mention that it is already decorated? Ha! But tree hunting is the only kind of hunting that I ever do, so we did that with some friends and had a nice time, without the mess.

This is how the transport works when you have small children

Good picture, if Teagan had a mouth. Mommy and son, making the trek in the snowy wilderness!

More walking. More pulling.

Bill and Alex, proving that kids don't NEED to ride. Sometimes a boy just has to do his own thing!

Melissa and Maddy, making this…