Goings on

'Tis the season to be jolly. Boy, just ran into a little writer's block. Thought I had a good idea for this post and just discovered that I don't have anything. Wait, I have two little kids. That should do nicely.

By the way, Teagan can dance.

Yeah, he gets it from his grandfather.

Trinity and Ava making cookies. Trinity rocking the cool tights.

They took the cookies to an adult foster home...

They handed out cookies...

And they handed out more cookies...

It's always a little bit dangerous to let those two be by themselves for too long...

In return for their cookies, they received very nice tree ornaments...it was a wonderful trade!

You really have to watch a three year old around wheel chairs. Good thing she can't actually push it!

Kal and the girls. Kal had a connection through work to set up the visit with the girls

It appears that they didn't just hand out cookies. They might have tasted them too...

Also this year, we decorated a gingerbread house...here's how it went, mostly:

[this is where the video would have been, if it had uploaded in a timely manner. It didn't and I need to go to bed, so g'nite!]


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