Establishing (and continuing) Tradition

This year is the first year that Autumn and I have talked about getting a real Christmas tree. Trinity is three now, and will start remembering these things, so we thought that maybe it would be fun to go get a real tree. We made some plans, locked in the dates and went about our business. Then we realized we didn't have lights. We didn't have much in the way of ornaments. We have two young children. So we went with the fake tree that has served us for a couple of years. It is a very nice tree. Did I mention that it is already decorated? Ha! But tree hunting is the only kind of hunting that I ever do, so we did that with some friends and had a nice time, without the mess.

This is how the transport works when you have small children

Good picture, if Teagan had a mouth. Mommy and son, making the trek in the snowy wilderness!

More walking. More pulling.

Bill and Alex, proving that kids don't NEED to ride. Sometimes a boy just has to do his own thing!

Melissa and Maddy, making this snow stuff look good!

Ava and her uncle Bo, who flew in from Chicago, just to help cut down a Christmas tree.

Paul Bunyan? Nope, just Kal bringing the tree down the hill.

When you make the kill, you get bragging rights!

Hmm. You're in trouble if you have two Kelley boys together. Call the cops if they look like they're planning something.

Pack mule. Hmm, looks like Kal did most of the work on this day!

Bo and Jen. If there was a contest for shortest names, you would have your male and female winners right here!

Ava was super helpful picking out branches for swags...thanks Ava!

Trinity is never one to just sit. Have to explore. That's our little dreamer!

The Irvines, looking GOOD!

Daddy and daughter!

Good family pic!

After getting a tree, it was time to fly!

Kelley folk!

The crew, minus Bo. Thanks for taking the picture, Bo!


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