Christmas, the prequel?

Um, the texting is okay. Pants on backwards? Ha! Wait, wasn't there a video on MTV where the kids wore their jeans that way? Weird. I think I liked the song, but didn't buy the pants. I did buy MC Hammer pants though. There are likely pictures to prove it. Yikes!

Trinity is three, Kriss Kross had no such excuse.

She eats bubbles. The taste doesn't seem to phase her...ewww!

Doing laps with the kids. They love to lay down and go around and around on the wood floors.

Push, Teagan, PUSH!

Pull, Trinity, PULL!

Trinity loves her brother...

Teagan is a goofball...

Together they are trouble!

Pudding anyone?!?

I think we have another taker!

If Teagan ever releases a rock or rap album, this is likely to be the cover. If he chooses classical music, we'll likely look for an alternate photo. YEAH BABY!

I meant to write something deep and meaningful. Oh well! Have a great night!


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