A smattering...hope you have a rain coat handy

Here's a few pictures to keep things rolling...

Opa and Teagan playing a little ball.

Oma climbing the rope ladder. She's braver than me!

Not really sure what Opa's doing. Trinity's climbing though. It was nice to see them for Thanksgiving this year!

Turkey Trot 5k on the Thanksgiving morning. After  the race we hung around a little. The kids goofed off. Teagan was having a great time!

Trinity was too! One thing she like to do is to serve us apple juice. It happens everywhere and anywhere, so it's handy that she's just playing make-believe. In this case, the juice was across the street.

Mommy and Teagan, pre-race!

Trinity in Nampa, Idaho. She and Autumn were walking to meet Teagan and me. Looks like someone found and easier way to travel!

Trinity helping Opa cook pancakes!

Trinity engaging in, in her mother's words, "one of the factors leading to the obesity epidemic in America"

Just Ava, eating ice cream, looking cute!


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