Okay, to get in the spirit of the season, I thought that a soundtrack would be appropriate for this update. If you live in Baker City, then you know that our local Festival of Trees, which benefits the local hospital foundation, took place a little over a week ago. There is an entire weekend of festivities that go along with the main even, which is a fundraising dinner and live auction. On Saturday there is at least to bazaars and at least one Santa siting. The latter is what picqued our interest, so off we went, with the kids in their holiday best. Press play and enjoy!

Classic Christmas tune. Not timeless though. It's not even that old. Okay, it's older than me, but so is Aerosmith. Hmm, that really doesn't make my point as well as I had hoped. But I digress...on with the show!

Here is our approach to Santa. Yes, she's trying to get away.

Teagan couldn't get away. So he cried. We sort of expected this, since he is not super fond of people that he's not familiar with.

So this is what we ended up with. Not too bad, and definitely worth the effort. Santa, who sports a real beard, is really great. He and his helpers do a terrific job all over town every year. I hope that he keeps doing this for years!

The funny thing about Santa, is that you are never the only one that wants to see him. Kade and Maddie (not pictured) go to the same day care. They are so great to both of our kids. We are really lucky to know them! This would be a cute picture, if Teagan and his pacifier weren't there. Nevertheless, the kids look great!

In the evening there is a parade, which sports several various floats. It's cold, but it's a tradition!

Teagan with mommy

Which the look of incredulity? Scroll down...

It might be hard to see, but there is a man hanging from the boom of that tow truck. He was swinging to and fro in his harness. Weird float.

Then it was time to go. Our grown up little girl figured out that pockets are AWESOME! Who needs mittens?


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