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Before & After

It is now November and Trin and I have been here almost two months. Crazy! It's certainly been an adventure, one that we won't forget. But more than that, there is a dreamlike quality to it, as if I am going to wake up back in Baker City. But no such thing will happen.

The first couple of weeks were spent living in our travel trailer and it became clear that winter would be a miserable experience with two young children. One thing led to another and we had decided on an apartment to rent. We'd been on and off Craiglist and the local classifieds for weeks but hadn't really committed to a budget or location. I had checked out elementary schools in hopes that would help me decide location (Teagan will be attending public school here, where enrollment is shaped by geography).  With Autumn's help I contacted several people about places to stay and eventually set up times to see two different apartments.

The first was a basement apartment in a downtown neighborhood, the …