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Siblings and Grandparents

Sometimes you notice things. Well, you'll notice two things below: Trinity and Teagan look an awful lot alike as babies and they both have pretty great grandparents.

This is Trinity at about 2 weeks...
This is Teagan at about two weeks. I'll admit that they aren't twins like I thought, but there is no doubt that they are related!
Here is Teagan with Autumn's mom
With Autumn's dad
With my dad and step mom
With my mom and step dad
Oh yeah, his sister kinda likes him too...

Another one?

I know, I know, two posts in a week. It's a miracle! Sort of. Actually, with the new baby here, I am staying up with him until the late night feeding happens around 11pm or so. Wait, it's 11pm now. What am I still doing up? What are YOU doing up? Go to bed, can't you see what time it is?

You can't see the whole shirt, but it says "little brother". Awww...
First real bath! I wasn't there, but Autumn says that the warm rag helped him feel a little more secure.
Trinity in her new work overalls. Now she just needs to get to work...
Kind of grainy, but doesn't it look like he's smiling? We thought so, but it could just be gas!
Cuteness of the day, my two favorite women!


In case you're wondering, Teagan is doing great! He is quite the sleeper, as you will soon see. Not a ton of new things happening, and I have quite a few pictures to prove it!

Yeah, he likes to sleep...
Yup, sure likes his sleep...
Shhh, your little brother is trying to sleep!
Here's a fun picture of the girls in the back yard, looking good!
It's hard to see here, but this is the stretch model that holds Trinity and Teagan at the same time. Teagan is actually in his infant seat, which buckles to the stroller. It's like a limo.
Holy shmoly (this one's for you, Marianne!), he's not asleep! Here's proof that he actually does have eyeballs!
Whoa, he's awake again. He's ruining his reputation. Actually, he's been doing well after he eats, staying up for an hour sometimes! It's hard to see, but the shirt says "one of a kind". Yup.
Random cuteness...
Off to pick huckleberries with grandma and granddad! We all piled into the minivan and headed int…

A Year In The Life

A year ago yesterday was when Autumn received a phone call that Trinity wouldn't wake up properly from a nap. Barb from Autumn's office called me and told me that Trinity was on her way to the hospital via ambulance. I hurried over to the ER and waited for Autumn and Trinity there.
This was taken about a week before Trinity went into the hospital
Many of you know the story and many of you do not. If you look back at blog posts from August and September of last year, you'll have most of the story. The short version is that, for reasons that no one can figure out, Trinity lost blood flow to her brain for a time, which caused swelling. That swelling caused scarring, which results in what you and I call brain damage. The medical community calls it a brain injury.
Trinity and Autumn at the hospital here in Baker

Trinity at the hospital in Boise, sedated so that she could be intubated. She's also hooked up to have an EEG done. That is what all the wires are for.
During the two we…

Isn't 17 a prime number? Here come the photos!

I have discovered that I have a lot of information in my head that is of limited use. Prime numbers don't really help many people, except mathematicians. Nevertheless, 17 is a prime number and that happens to be how many photos are in this post. That's a warning, in case you're in a hurry or have something baking in the oven.

As you (may or may not) know, we just had a baby boy! Yay! That would be one reason that this blog post is so long and so long in coming. Even though we have a new baby, Trinity continues to be a funny little monkey, and about the sweetest big sister around. Check it out!

The rule is that Trinity can kiss Teagan's head or touch his feet. Trinity opts for the more photogenic option!
I just don't know where she gets her goofy streak...
Payton (above) and Spencer (below) are two of the coolest cats I know. They occasionally go to daycare with Trinity, so she absolutely LOVES them! They held Trinity on the day she was born and they held Teagan a when …

The Wait is OVER!!!

Many, not all, of you have been very supportive as Autumn has approached her due date. This second pregnancy has brought much joy and anticipation to us and we looked forward to welcoming our son into the world. I am a little too tired to be funny, witty, or even pithy this evening, so I'll just get to a few pictures and be on my way.

At 9:47am yesterday morning (Sunday, August 15, 2010), Teagan Lee Harrell was born into this world in Baker City, Oregon. He weighed in at 7lbs 3oz, measured 20.5", had a 12.5 inch head and 14 inch chest. That last measurement is in case we need to rent him a tuxedo.

Here's Autumn and her belly waiting for the big event. We went in on Saturday night at about 11:30pm because the contractions were getting pretty close together.
After a pretty normal progression and birth, and by normal I mean that my wife did fantastic and gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy, we welcomed Teagan into the world. Don't worry the goop on his eyes is somet…