In case you're wondering, Teagan is doing great! He is quite the sleeper, as you will soon see. Not a ton of new things happening, and I have quite a few pictures to prove it!

Yeah, he likes to sleep...

Yup, sure likes his sleep...

Shhh, your little brother is trying to sleep!

Here's a fun picture of the girls in the back yard, looking good!

It's hard to see here, but this is the stretch model that holds Trinity and Teagan at the same time. Teagan is actually in his infant seat, which buckles to the stroller. It's like a limo.

Holy shmoly (this one's for you, Marianne!), he's not asleep! Here's proof that he actually does have eyeballs!

Whoa, he's awake again. He's ruining his reputation. Actually, he's been doing well after he eats, staying up for an hour sometimes! It's hard to see, but the shirt says "one of a kind". Yup.

Random cuteness...

Off to pick huckleberries with grandma and granddad! We all piled into the minivan and headed into the Eagles to hunt the elusive huckleberry!

Yup, sleeping again...

All geared up and ready to go! Trinity even has her boots on to hike in!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go...

Uh, yeah, you know...

Trinity's getting some tips from the experts

This last picture has value only because of the fashion statement that my daughter is making. I say "my" daughter because this outfit is one that really only I could make happen. Fortunately Trinity wears it with confidence, so she pulls it off anyway.

That's all folks, until next time...


  1. Don't you know that prints and stripes go together now! Have you not looked at the teenagers or fashion mags lately. Haha. Anyway the kids are adorable. Wish we were there. Would love to see everyone and go huckleberrying!

  2. Oh my goodness, Teagan is adorable! I totally see Trinity in him, especially the picture where he is awake with his hands by his face! I cannot wait to meet him and Kade and Maddy can't wait for the newest little addition to show up to day care!

    And Holy Smokes! I wish I had Autumn's genes! You look fabulous!


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