Isn't 17 a prime number? Here come the photos!

I have discovered that I have a lot of information in my head that is of limited use. Prime numbers don't really help many people, except mathematicians. Nevertheless, 17 is a prime number and that happens to be how many photos are in this post. That's a warning, in case you're in a hurry or have something baking in the oven.

As you (may or may not) know, we just had a baby boy! Yay! That would be one reason that this blog post is so long and so long in coming. Even though we have a new baby, Trinity continues to be a funny little monkey, and about the sweetest big sister around. Check it out!

The rule is that Trinity can kiss Teagan's head or touch his feet. Trinity opts for the more photogenic option!

I just don't know where she gets her goofy streak...

Payton (above) and Spencer (below) are two of the coolest cats I know. They occasionally go to daycare with Trinity, so she absolutely LOVES them! They held Trinity on the day she was born and they held Teagan a when he was a day or two old. They are about as zany as little boys can be, but they are very sweet to my kids. I will always remember how good they were with Trinity and Teagan.

This kid know how to handle the babies!

Did I say she was a monkey? She hasn't figured out how to fully scale the walls here, but she's getting closer. I hope it's a while, because I don't want her getting out! It must be the shoes!

So the other day I ran to the store with Trinity. We picked up a couple of things, including two packs of peanut M&M's and two caramel Twix bars (they were buy two, get two free). They were to be a treat for Autumn. I let Trinity carry them to the checkout line. She handed one of each to the cashier, I let her carry the other two so she wouldn't get bored. I loaded the groceries and Trinity into the car and drove the three minute drive home. I pull open the door to get her out and she hands me the M&M package. It's been chewed open, with bits of candy shell all over it! It is still dripping saliva. She ate about two thirds of the package in less than three minutes! Needless to say, she was pretty proud of herself. The shirt was M&M brown, so that went into the laundry. The picture above shows her with the trophy package. Talk about a sugar high, she was running all over the place for the rest of the evening!

Here's the little dude on Thursday. This was to be his "going to the doctor" outfit. I work at the clinic we go to, so he has to look good when he goes in. Unfortunately I am still working on getting a diaper of his changed without him peeing all over. Needless to say, he wore something else to his appointment. I never had this issue with Trinity.

And speaking of Trinity, here she is again! If your car door just unlocked, you know why!

Safety first! Trinity loves her bike helmet! No, she doesn't ride a bike yet, but she wears it in the bike trailer. P.S. If you're a parent: are you wearing your helmet? Two reasons to do so. 1) No one wants a veggie-parent, and 2) You need to set an example. Done preaching.

My lady and my son, beautiful. The nurses were nice enough to dig up a manly blanket for Teagan.

Yeah, cute little bugger. We were comparing him to pictures of Trinity when she was this age...they could almost be twins! He was 7lbs 3oz at birth, left the hospital at 6lbs 10oz (normal for a baby to lose weight for a day or two), 7lbs again at this appointment. He's well exceeding the 1oz/day weight gain that is expected.

We had some ice cream cake with some friends last night to celebrate Autumn's birthday. We gave the kids their own plates. Might have been a mistake, since Trinity started out with clothes on. There will be a birthday post at a later date.

Yesterday it was ice cream, today it was dirt...what gives?

I swear he knows something profound. He just doesn't have the words yet.


  1. Such wonderful pictures, and such a wonderful family!!!
    Congratulations, again, and many,many blessings to all of you.


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