The Wait...and a memorial

Well, the countdown has begun. I realize that the countdown has actually be going on quite a while, but I would say that is has begun in earnest. The house is more or less ready for the little guy, Autumn is (kind of) ready for the guy, I am as ready as I will ever be, so bring him on! Trinity, you ask? She just wants a lollipop!

Here's our little sweetie, sharing her goodies like she always does!

Here's how we kill a little time in the evening: we hang out and play around. I wonder, does Trinity have any idea that the foot rest goes up AND down? Also, I wonder if she has any clue about her little brother. Probably not, but she will soon!

But in the mean time, kisses for mommy! You can't really see it, but Trinity is blowing kisses to Autumn. She is about the sweetest little kid!

On a more serious note, our (ex) dog Digby died just the other day. She was a big dog with a big heart. She was about the sweetest dog around and she will be missed dearly. After a great day picking huckleberries, she tried to get into the pickup, fell down and never got back up. It is tempting to be really sad, but I think that there is no better way for a dog like Digby to go. She had a fun day and she never had to suffer a slow death. She was full of life to the very end.

I think she's wondering where all the furniture went. This was as we were moving out.

Pretty puppy posing for pictures...say that ten times fast!

Mmmm, peanut butter...

Mmmm, FROZEN peanut butter!

Rest in peace Digby, we'll miss you!


  1. Thanks for sharing the news about your beautiful family. I will be praying for you as you welcome your newest little blessing! My love to all of you - and Grandma and Grandpa Ed and Sue, too!!


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