Marathon post and the picture I don't want you to see...

Sometimes I sit and wonder why I just did the thing that I just did. I think that parts of this post are going to be like that, but you'll probably get a chuckle out of the whole thing. That is, if you are the chuckling type. It was a bustling weekend, with us buzzing about like the busy little bees that we are. Honestly I don't even remember what we did Friday night.

I do remember that we participated in the Shriner's 5/10k Fun Run/Walk. That seems like a lot of forward slashes. Hmm, oh well. Autumn was going to walk this one, but didn't instead she pushed two toddlers for 3.1 miles in the jogging stroller...while jogging! did I mention that she is over 38 weeks pregnant? What a stud! Somehow though, Trinity got the medal...

After the run, we went for Trinity's first haircut. My friend Lisa cut it, she did a great job with a wiggly baby. As you can see, she has figured out how to distract a toddler long enough for a haircut!

The result...very nice! She looks soooo grown up! My little girl isn't a baby anymore. I think though, that she will always be baby Trinity. At least for a while longer yet.

Of course it was Shriner's weekend, with the East-West football game and, of course, the parade. We found a shady spot on 2nd street and watched all the folks in fez drive around in their go carts. Some of them had pretty hopped-up go carts though. There were some dune buggies too. Nice! I think that Autumn is waving, but it also sort of looks like she is walking like an Egyptian. If you know that reference, you're one of my peeps and I love ya!

After a short nap, we joined some friends and went to Phillips Reservoir to do a little boating. Trinity loves Jen, since she spends at least one day a week with her and her daughter Ava. Trinity wasn't too hot on the life vest, but oh well. She's still cute and had a great time!

A little windy girls?

Okay, here comes the part I may regret, in more ways than one. I tried water skiing. I haven't tried this since middle school. I have never done it successfully. I usually drive the boat.

This is about the closest I came to getting up. This might have been right after I swallowed half the lake. Gross. It also might have been right before the two independent skis decided to go in opposite directions. I'm still a little sore from that.

I know I am going to regret posting this picture. I have seen more flattering mug shots. I just hope that I am breathing in deeply or something. No one really needed to see that. Sorry.

Trinity had a great time swimming. She even jumped off the boat into my arms! What a brave and fun little girl!

Here's a shot of the Trinity and her little brother. She is petting him. She's such a nice big sister.

Here's our girl at the park. Nothing special, I just like the lighting. Peace be with all of you.


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