A Year In The Life

A year ago yesterday was when Autumn received a phone call that Trinity wouldn't wake up properly from a nap. Barb from Autumn's office called me and told me that Trinity was on her way to the hospital via ambulance. I hurried over to the ER and waited for Autumn and Trinity there.

This was taken about a week before Trinity went into the hospital

Many of you know the story and many of you do not. If you look back at blog posts from August and September of last year, you'll have most of the story. The short version is that, for reasons that no one can figure out, Trinity lost blood flow to her brain for a time, which caused swelling. That swelling caused scarring, which results in what you and I call brain damage. The medical community calls it a brain injury.

Trinity and Autumn at the hospital here in Baker

Trinity at the hospital in Boise, sedated so that she could be intubated. She's also hooked up to have an EEG done. That is what all the wires are for.

During the two weeks or so that Trinity was in the hospital(s), we received more support from friends, family and our community than we could possibly have imagined. It was truly a special time for us as we went through the hardest (and worst) experience of our lives. But at the same time it was one of the best experiences simply because we saw God at work through all the people around us. It continues to be a positive experience because we are still able to see all the good things that we do have. There were many points in that part of the journey that could have changed everything. Our daycare provider could have not checked on Trinity when she did, we could have been asleep two days later when Trinity stopped breathing, and, most importantly, Trinity could have never recovered as well as she has.

God has been good to our family over the last year. If you asked us a year ago what would life be like in 365 days, we could not have possibly imagined having to go through Trinity's ordeal and we certainly could not have predicted having a week-old son. There is so much to be thankful for. As our family passes through August 21st, I think that it will continue to be a thanksgiving for all that we have been given, and a reminder that we should count our blessings every day because you never know when it could all be taken away. God bless every one of you.

This is our little girl now, what a miracle baby!


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