Skills, girl's got skills...

Every once in a while I try to get a shot of Trinity sitting still. Good luck with that one! Ha! She's a busy little bee, always going from here to there...and there...and there...then back again! The other day I took her outside, turned my back for about 3 seconds, turned back around again to find that she's halfway across the yard, jumping into her pool with all her clothes on! Crazy little kiddo!

So sitting still is not really in her skill set. That's okay, she's her momma's daughter after all...

Fortunately, she loves to help! Dusting is a GREAT skill to have!

So here's a video of the little bugger and her friend Ava. They were loving the slide. All of a sudden though, Trinity decides to go running and screaming across the yard. Ah to have the spirit of a child!

Finally, we come to the end of the post. I know that you're now used to posts that have 321 photos and really (or at least mildly) witty banter, but it's time for all that to come to an end. You're spoiled. I know it's hard to hear, but that's what friends are for. So here's to short posts and getting to bed before midnight...

This is Trinity's latest skill. Yes, she can dance like a madman:



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