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Just to be clear, this is not a blog post. This is series of ramblings that have not been edited since I first typed them. that means that they're random. Oh yeah, they were written over the course of about two weeks, with little thought given to connecting any of them. But it's me, so they're connected...sort of. Consider yourself warned. Yes A lot has happened in the last two months, even by our standards. We’ve decided, researched, planned a move so that Trinity can have the best opportunities that we can provide. This has entailed a great deal of thought, discussion and work. Autumn and I have spent hours, days even, weighing the options and trying to figure out the best path for our family. And now that plan, that path, is unfolding. Time to walk the path.
Yes Occasionally the weight of the decision that we have made threatens to weigh me down. Are we making the right decision? Now that we have made the decision, how to we choose from the available options? What if we…