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Let the Games Begin! And, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!

I sort of wrestle with the formatting of these posts. Do I indent? Do I justify left or center? It's torture I tell you! But my guess is that most of you don't have that dilemma. That's because you're not an English major who pays WAY too much attention to those sorts of things. If you are, my apologies for not noticing your fellow grammar issues earlier. Clearly I need to pay more attention.
Speaking of attention, have you seen any of the Olympics? Hopefully, because then you can tell people like me what is going on. I haven't see a wink. That's what I get for not having cable tv. Instead of watching the Games, Autumn came up with the idea of having our own...for the kids. With a couple of victims friends, we set up an obstacle course. We even had medals...

Not sure if this was Pinterest or not. Either way, it was pretty slick! That's a vanilla oreo, or something. I don't really know, I just like to eat them!

There was a tunnel crawl...

...and eating.…

The Village

Autumn and I were looking at some old photos tonight, thinking that one of the neighbor girls, Emerson, is simply a toy for our kids. They love her to death and are always wanting to feed her or hold her. Teagan has been trying to give her toast for about 3 months. She's just now 6 months. Yeah, they like her. And she seems to like them. Although, at six months, it's hard to tell if it's a smile or just gas...
4th of July was a fun even this year, our backyard neighbors had a bunch of families get together for a bbq, and since we lived so close, they felt obligated to let us come. It ended up being a blast, with about 10 kids and at least that many adults. 10 kids is a circus, but in a good way!

Ava and Emerson(sisters)...slightly out of focus (dang camera!)

Trinity and Emerson. I told you our kids like that girl!

Lydia was pretty good at selling her Gucci knock-off sunglasses. Good thing Trinity only has Monopoly money!

Zach and Alex, taking turns on the swing

Byron has …

A Few Thoughts On Things

So here are a few things that we have been doing lately. Actually, the pictures are of things that we have been doing. The captions are going to be snarky comments. That's how we roll here. But then again, you already knew that! Pardon the picture quality (or don't, it's your choice really) these are all photos from phones. Lfe moves fast and sometimes and often the phone is all we have. Enjoy! Or not, remember that it really is your choice!

Proof that siblings will either a) kill each other in close quarters and only the victor will emerge alive, or b) enjoy the ride! Sometimes I really do question if the best things in life are free. I mean, I know the song says so, but if the things that they are talking about are really things, then I don't really know many that are really free. This is a good thing. But it wasn't free. It will be fun though! Dirt tan lines trump real tan lines every time. Teagan likes music. For a <2 year old, he seems pretty good at it t…

Who Says You Can Never Go Home?

As you may (or may not) know, this year marks the 20th year since I graduated. Yes I graduated, I even received a diploma for all the hard work that I should have been doing. To be perfectly honest, high school is not among the high points in my life, on any level at all. I can't really say that those years made me who I am. I think I spent most of them hiding. From what? I couldn't even tell you, but I wasn't taking life by the horns, I can tell you that. But I also won't sell those years short either because I spent time with some terrific people. Reunions are a way of remembering the good times about high school. I just think I didn't quite have as many to celebrate.
It all sounds a little melodramatic and probably like I am feeling sorry for myself. But I am not, I am just trying to put words to the feelings I have and had about that period of my life. But whether or not it was a great time for me, the reunion was something that I was looking forward to. I was…