The Village

Autumn and I were looking at some old photos tonight, thinking that one of the neighbor girls, Emerson, is simply a toy for our kids. They love her to death and are always wanting to feed her or hold her. Teagan has been trying to give her toast for about 3 months. She's just now 6 months. Yeah, they like her. And she seems to like them. Although, at six months, it's hard to tell if it's a smile or just gas...

4th of July was a fun even this year, our backyard neighbors had a bunch of families get together for a bbq, and since we lived so close, they felt obligated to let us come. It ended up being a blast, with about 10 kids and at least that many adults. 10 kids is a circus, but in a good way!

Ava and Emerson(sisters)...slightly out of focus (dang camera!)

Trinity and Emerson. I told you our kids like that girl!

Lydia was pretty good at selling her Gucci knock-off sunglasses. Good thing Trinity only has Monopoly money!

Zach and Alex, taking turns on the swing

Byron has the slide to himself! Lucky kid. I hate waiting in lines!

Charlie and Romie, cutie cousins!

Yeah, that's Teagan, kissing all the girls!

It appears that a) Taylor is in charge and b) Ashlyn is winning...but not by much. Go Ava!

It looks like my kids aren't the only ones who like Emerson. Jordan appears to be a little smitten.

And this is the end. But isn't this always how it ends, with a kid drinking from the sprinkler?


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