Who Says You Can Never Go Home?

As you may (or may not) know, this year marks the 20th year since I graduated. Yes I graduated, I even received a diploma for all the hard work that I should have been doing. To be perfectly honest, high school is not among the high points in my life, on any level at all. I can't really say that those years made me who I am. I think I spent most of them hiding. From what? I couldn't even tell you, but I wasn't taking life by the horns, I can tell you that. But I also won't sell those years short either because I spent time with some terrific people. Reunions are a way of remembering the good times about high school. I just think I didn't quite have as many to celebrate.

It all sounds a little melodramatic and probably like I am feeling sorry for myself. But I am not, I am just trying to put words to the feelings I have and had about that period of my life. But whether or not it was a great time for me, the reunion was something that I was looking forward to. I was curious to see what people had made of themselves, because like it or not, it was a significant period in everyone's life and I still remember quite a few people.

We dropped the kids off with my mom for the weekend, so that the reunion would be a little more relaxed. Thanks Mom and Harry! This is the bath tub for the kids, which Trinity barely fits in!

Trinity took this picture. Not bad eh?

Autumn and I jetted over from Leavenworth to Seattle and had a couple of great days together. We need couple time more often! It is so nice to travel with just Autumn. We travel well together and it was nice to be reminded of that.

We rented a canoe on Lake Washington, which is something that I have always wanted to do. You can paddle them right under the 520 Bridge during rush hour if you want to! But you can also get lost in the reeds! We had a great time exploring and having a picnic lunch. Such a good time!

Another thing that I have wanted to do is stay in the Seattle Westin Hotel. It's two round towers that look very unique. I grew up always wanting to go in. Autumn used Priceline for a hotel and we ended up at the Westin. Score! The location also put us close to the Pike Place Market, where we ended up for breakfast

Proof that we were there...

Proof of...something. I am not sure what. Most people didn't recognize me. That's probably a compliment. I caught up with so many people that I grew up with. Poulsbo is a small town, so I went K-12 with quite a few people. I didn't hang out with them much in high school, but the connections ran deeper than that and it was great to reminisce about the old days.

This is the crowd that showed up. ~350 graduated, but this group was plenty of fun! I really hope there is another one soon, so I can catch up with more people. I really recommend these things to anyone who can get to them. It's sort of like family, since there is so much history there. It's great to catch up and meet someone knew, all in the same conversation!


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