Let the Games Begin! And, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!

I sort of wrestle with the formatting of these posts. Do I indent? Do I justify left or center? It's torture I tell you! But my guess is that most of you don't have that dilemma. That's because you're not an English major who pays WAY too much attention to those sorts of things. If you are, my apologies for not noticing your fellow grammar issues earlier. Clearly I need to pay more attention.

Speaking of attention, have you seen any of the Olympics? Hopefully, because then you can tell people like me what is going on. I haven't see a wink. That's what I get for not having cable tv. Instead of watching the Games, Autumn came up with the idea of having our own...for the kids. With a couple of victims friends, we set up an obstacle course. We even had medals...

Not sure if this was Pinterest or not. Either way, it was pretty slick! That's a vanilla oreo, or something. I don't really know, I just like to eat them!

There was a tunnel crawl...

...and eating...

Apparently there was spectating too. I think Teagan was the best at this, which is why the previous picture shows him eating his medal.

There was jumping!

There was climbing! I didn't realize that ALL kids know how (and prefer) to go up the slide backwards. It took me much longer to learn this (like last year). Go figure!

There was sliding!

Also, it seems there was laying down. Teagan seems to have invented Olympic sports for the terminally lazy. That's my boy!

The second part of the title, I'll wait while you go back and read it, starts now. You would have figured it out, but I thought I would give you a head's up. Trinity is spending the week with my mom. So we met in Richland at a really cool water park. Actually, it was a splash park. It was a great way to break up a long drive for both kids.

Teagan isn't always ready for a big hug right away...

But Trinity is!

Teagan  was ready, however, for  some water fun! It's always hard to tell if he's going to be into something or not. Slightly independent...

The splash park was AWESOME. There was a plethora of toys. Yes, I'll wait while you look up that word. I had to.

The kids had a great time, both together and on their own. It was great to watch them navigate the park on their own, just seeing what was there and checking all the different stuff out.

Sweet boy waiting to catch his sister at the end of the slide. He is about as sweet as they come, he just doesn't always let us see that.

This is quintessential Trinity. She is always having fun!

Where's the water?

There it is!

This playing is hard work, time for a little break...

Singing with G-ma!

Seeing this picture reminds me of the movie UHF...drinking from the fire hose!

We will miss Trinity this week, but I know she's in good hands and it will be good for all parties involved!


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