A Few Thoughts On Things

So here are a few things that we have been doing lately. Actually, the pictures are of things that we have been doing. The captions are going to be snarky comments. That's how we roll here. But then again, you already knew that! Pardon the picture quality (or don't, it's your choice really) these are all photos from phones. Lfe moves fast and sometimes and often the phone is all we have. Enjoy! Or not, remember that it really is your choice!

Proof that siblings will either a) kill each other in close quarters and only the victor will emerge alive, or b) enjoy the ride!

Sometimes I really do question if the best things in life are free. I mean, I know the song says so, but if the things that they are talking about are really things, then I don't really know many that are really free. This is a good thing. But it wasn't free. It will be fun though!

Dirt tan lines trump real tan lines every time.

Teagan likes music. For a <2 year old, he seems pretty good at it too.

Binkies aren't really cool, no matter how good the shades look.

That's more like it!

If Trinity likes something, you'll know because she always asks for "mo"! You'll know if Teagan likes it because he just doesn't stop. Boy aren't they all different?

If he's after the ladies now, what's to come?

Say what you want about typical depictions of Jesus, they sure are recognizable. Even my three year old knows Him by sight!

Even at nice formal events, young ladies have to pee. Yes, I am aware that I likely went too far with this one. Apologies to my daughter.

The Olympics really do bring us closer together, crossing multiple generations. It does not, however, support my theory that television is of the devil.

Final thought of the night: if she can buckle it now, how long until she unbuckles it?


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