And in this corner...

I wonder, if the only exposure you have ever had to my family is through this blog, what would your impressions of us be? It must be too late if I am thinking like that. Waaaaay too deep for my own good.

Teagan has some catching up to do in the "published photos" department, so I though I would give him a little love tonight. Right now he is growing and changing so fast that it's really hard to believe. One funny thing is how much he is talking. Mostly words that get him things, but he has started picking up Trinity-speak. Autumn was talking to me and the kids on speaker phone the other day while she was out of town and she didn't realize that she had just had a short conversation with Teagan on the phone; they sounded the same! Kids say the darnedest things!

That's a big happy grin if I have ever seen one...

I still can't remember why he was so happy. Well, okay, he was eating, so that could explain it!

Yes, we run a sweatshop. Kid's gotta work if he wants to eat...

I have been saying for a while that Trinity is going to have her hands full when Teagan gets a little older.

She might even be asking for help in this picture.

I actually think she has her hands full NOW!

All joking aside, Trinity and Teagan are great friends right now. I realize this may be temporary. I'll take it. Trinity lets Teagan walk, or crawl, all over her. They wrestle and tumble all over the place, it's hilarious! Lovin' life right now.


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