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Dear Happy Feet,

When we first heard that Autumn was pregnant, neither of us believed the doctor. That is not to say that we were completely unprepared to be pregnant, but it was under odd circumstances that we found out. A couple of days before we had returned from Nepal and Autumn, your mother, was very sick from something that she ate in Kathmandu (side note: you're a world traveller already!). She had not eaten or had any propoer fluids for days and she was not doing well. I had never seen her that sick or weak. So, we went to the emergency room to get some fluids in her. When we checked into the hospital, they asked if she might be pregnant. She said that it is possible. Little did we know...

So about one liter into Autumn's rehydration, the doctor came and said that her HCG is positive and we are pregnant. I think we were both tired, sick and unprepared for that. It was unreal, like a dream. We had no idea how far along she might be, so we kept it quiet. I guess about 1 in 4 pregnancies miscarries in the first 12 weeks. We thought that we would wait until we were sure that it was going to go the distance before we started making any noise. And then...


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