What Have I Done?

I think I just deleted a post (or two?). Boy that really burns me up! By the way, I am finished with week three of the new job and it is really great! So what the heck am I doing up at 11:30? Good question. I sat down to blog and now I am researching how to direct races, make sure that our backup is running, fixing my apple account so that my phone works so that I can download free apps through App Gratis. That took longer than it should have. Then I was going to pull photos off of my phone for a blog post. But then I was distracted by all the storage I was wasting on my phone by having (virtually) the same photo two or three times. That's the best way to capture kids' antics. It's also the best way to clog up your phone. So I was cleaning that up a little and realized that it was late. Way too late. Good thing it's Friday night! Oh yeah, I'll stop rambling just long enough to post a photo.

Boom! Knocked that one out of the park, didn't? Not bad for a single photo. Don't worry there'll be more before all of this is done, I have a reputation to maintain after all. So we're in the midst of much ado here in the Swarrell house and frankly it's been an emotionally draining few weeks to say the least. But it has been good to really appreciate the people in our life. It also good to examine our life and look at all the good stuff that is going on. Wow, could I be more vague? Not likely. Just pay attention to and appreciate the people you care about, because sometimes they have to leave. Oh yeah, probably time for one of these:

While this seems like a funny photo, it is really an example of bad judgement. Yeah, I probably didn't need to toss snow at her. And no, she's not laughing. Bad dad. But it was really nice to get out of the house. Almost spring. Oh yeah, we're still a ways out from that. Autumn was telling about this today. Sort of weird how serious events get imprinted into your memory. Not the part of your memory that gets distracted by shiny objects, but the part that becomes a physical part of you. 9/11 is one of those moments. I imagine watching an entire school go up in flames is likely one of those events too, even though I haven't experienced it myself. If you were in Baker 24 years ago, you likely remember where you were. By the way, to counter all of this depressing talk, I offer this: I also remember distinctly the night that Autumn and I started corresponding via email. That was the start of the Swarrell life, and I knew it. I couldn't sleep that night. And I NEVER have trouble sleeping. Happy! Oh yeah:

Teagan really likes Emerson. I could probably write a book about it. Of course it would be a short book. A children's story? Wow, I'm getting a little punchy. Time to get to bed and get ready to ski! Also, my browser is acting a little spastic, so pardon any formatting errors.


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